SBA Connect

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is SBA Connect?

Answer: SBA Connect is an online interface allowing users to securely access multiple approved applications with appropriate roles and permissions using Single Sign-on capabilities.

Q: Why should we use SBA Connect?

Answer: See the previous answer. The SBA Connect application allows users to securely access various SBA resources through one authentication point.

Q: Who should use SBA Connect?

Answer: Currently, SBA Connect supports the following types of users:

·     SBA Users

·     SBIC Web Internal Users

·     SBIC Web External Users.

·     SBA Users (Administrators, Approvers, Executives)

Note: SBA Connect currently supports the SBIC Web application. With plans to add multiple applications to SBA Connect in the future.

Q: What is Single Sign-On?

Answer: Single Sign-On is a capability that allows users to login to one application and have access to multiple approved applications using the appropriate roles and permissions. Single Sign-On uses Role-based access control to determine the appropriate user management across multiple applications. This single authentication point increases efficiency and productivity.

Q: Where can I find SBA Connect?

Answer: Users can access the SBA Connect application by entering the URL, SBA connect, into a supported web browser.

Note: The application currently supports Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome. All other browsers are not supported browsers and, therefore, not recommended for use.

Q: If I am an SBA user, do I need to register with to begin using SBA Connect?

Answer: SBA users should already have an existing account.

Q: How do I set up an account with

Answer: User shall perform the following steps:

·     Navigate to the SBA Connect Login page at

·     Click on Login

·     The page will redirect to the Sign In page

·     Click on the “Create an Account” link

·     Follow the step-by-step instructions to create a new account

·     New Users need to select a secondary authentication method as part of the new account creation process

Q: How do I reset my Username/Password?

Answer: Users can reset their password by clicking on the link "Forgot Your Password" from the Sign In page and following the step-by-step instructions.

Q: I lost my phone that I set up for secondary authentication. What should I do now?

Answer: In the event, a user has misplaced their mobile device or is not able to use the device for authentication, the user may select another authentication method, provided multiple authentication methods were set up with the account.

Example of Authentication methods: Government Employee ID (PIV/CAC card), Text Message, Automated Call, Security Key, Backup Codes, or Authentication Apps.

If a user is unable to access their account using the authentication methods previously set, deleting, account would be the next step and the only other option.

Note: There is not a way to undo an account delete, so please verify other authentication methods for eligibility and access.

Deleting the existing account and creating a new one will allow users to use the same email address and set up new authentication methods. However, deleting the account will remove any agency applications linked to the account, and users will need to reestablish each connection.

When deleting the account, users will first receive an email confirmation. As an added security measure, a text message will be sent to the registered mobile number. Please refer to the email for further instructions to delete the account. Users will also receive another email with the link to continue deleting the account 24 hours after the initial confirmation email arrives.

Q: Do I need a secondary authentication method?

Answer: Yes, requires two-factor authentication; however, users may set up the “remember browser” feature.

Note: To set up the “remember browser” feature, select “Remember this browser for 30 days” upon entering the security code.

Using the “remember browser” feature will allow users to sign in without using a secondary authentication method for 30 days. Every 30 days, users will be required to renew the "remember browser" feature by going through the standard two-factor authentication steps and again selecting "remember browser."

NOTE: If is used with multiple devices and browsers, the “remember browser” feature must set up on each device/browser.

Q: What options do I have for receiving the secondary code for authentication?

Answer: Government Employee ID (PIV/CAC card), Text Message, Automated Call, Security Key, Backup Codes, or Authentication Apps.

Q: What is an Authentication app?

Answer: Authentication apps are applications that are generally more secure against phishing and hacks but with less protection against theft. Authentication apps may be downloaded to a mobile device and generate secure, 6-digit codes which may be used to login to accounts or sites that require a high level of security.

Note: Authentication Apps can be used to generate security codes even if the device does not have an internet connection or mobile service.

Q: How do I set up Multi-Factor Authentication?

Answer: Multi-Factor Authentication methods are a requirement of Multi-Factor Authentication methods are created as part of creating a new account and may be updated by accessing the “Your Account” menu/profile using

Q: I did not receive my secondary authentication code? What should I do?

Answer:  If the security code has not been received, Users may send a new security code by clicking "Get another code."  If the user is unable to access the security code using the method selected, the user may choose another authentication method.

Q: What are the Terms and Conditions?

Answer: The terms and conditions used by SBA Connect are:

1.        You are accessing a U.S. Government information system, which includes (1) this computer, (2) this computer network, (3) all computers connected to this network, and (4) all devices and storage media attached to this network or to a computer on this network. This information system is provided for U.S. Government-authorized use only.

2.        Unauthorized or improper use of this system may result in disciplinary action, as well as civil and criminal penalties.

3.        By using this information system, you understand and consent to the following:

§  You have no reasonable expectation of privacy regarding any communications or data transiting or stored on this information system. At any time, the government may, for any lawful government purpose, monitor, intercept, search, and seize any communication or data transiting or stored on this information system.

§  Any communications or data transiting or stored on this information system may be disclosed or used for any lawful government purpose.

§  Your consent is final and irrevocable. You may not rely on any statements or informal policies purporting to provide you with any expectation of privacy regarding communications on this system, whether oral or written, by your supervisor or any other official, except SBA's Chief Information Officer.

Note: A Terms and Conditions agreement is also known as a Terms of Service or Terms of Use agreement. SBA Connect Terms and Conditions are set forth by the U.S. Government for access/use of its information systems and must be agreed upon use of service or system.

Q: Do I have to accept the terms and conditions?

Answer: Yes, Terms and Conditions must be accepted to be redirected to the Sign in Page and gain access to SBA Connect.

Q: Where is the Home Button for SBA Connect?

Answer: The Home Button is located on the Top-Left section of the application. The Small Business Administration/SBA Connect logo effectively serves as the home button for this application.

Q: What is Access Manager?

Answer: Access Manager is a feature of SBA Connect that is exclusively available to Internal SBA users who are assigned the role of “Approver”. These users can click the “Access Manager” link to view pending access requests. Approvers have the option to approve access requests related to additional roles/EINs or Deny them as appropriate.

Q: What is an Access Request?

Answer: SBA Connect allows users to send access request if they need access to additional roles/Employer Identification numbers. In this context, an access request is the formal request sent through SBA Connect system requesting additional access to roles/EINs.

Q: What is SBIC Web?

Answer: SBIC Web is an SBA application specifically designed to provide support for SBIC registration and management for the Small Business Administration. SBIC Web allows its users to manage the process related to registering new SBICs/managing current SBICs, submit required forms and documents, and generally have access to all SBIC related resources in one portal.

Q: How do I access SBIC Web from SBA Connect?

Answer: Users must be approved through the SBA Connect application approval process before they have access to SBIC WEB from SBA Connect. Internal users have a link to approved applications displayed on the landing page application card. External users will have links to approved funds appear on the landing page application card after the approval process is complete.

Q: What does the link “Request Access” do?

Answer: The link “Request Access” redirects the user to the “Your Access” page where they can select additional role/EINs and submit an access request.

Q: How do I request access to a role?

Answer: Users can request access to a role by clicking the “Request Access” link. This will redirect the user to the “Your Access” page. On this page the user may:

  • Select the desired role by clicking the checkbox next to its description.
  • Entering a valid, unique Employer Identification Number corresponding to the SBIC fund they need access to.
  • Click submit to submit your access request.
  • Users may only submit access request for one role at a time.

Q: What is an EIN?

Answer: An Employer Identification Number (EIN) is a nine-digit number assigned by the Internal Revenue Service. Its use is to identify the tax accounts of employers and certain others who have no employees. The IRS uses the number to identify taxpayers who are required to file various business tax returns.

Q: How can I request access to additional roles?

Answer: Users can request access to additional roles by clicking the “Request Access” link. This will redirect the user to the “Your Access” page. On this page the user may:

  • Select the desired role by clicking the checkbox next to its description.
  • Entering a valid, unique Employer Identification Number corresponding to the SBIC fund they need access to.
  • Click submit to submit your access request.
  • Users may only submit access request for one role at a time.

Q: Do I need to have an EIN to request a role?

Answer: Yes, you must provide a valid, unique EIN to be able to request a role through SBA Connect.

Q: Can I use the same EIN for multiple roles?

Answer: No, every role request must have a valid, unique EIN corresponding to it.

Q: As an External user, what roles can I request access to?

Answer: External users can request access to the following roles:

  • SBIC User that files form 1031 and 468.
  • An external user that works on behalf of liquidated SBIC.
  • An external receiving agent that works on behalf of liquidated SBIC.
  • Users can request access to only one of these roles at a time.

Q: How would I know that my access request has been approved?

Answer: Upon Approval of your access request, the application card on the landing page of the application will have hyperlinks to approved applications (Internal Users) and approved funds on SBIC WEB (External Users).

Q: My access request was denied, what should I do?

Answer: Please ensure that you are attempting to request access to the role description that matches your required role on SBIC WEB. Users also must ensure that the EINs that they are requesting access to are associated with their company and are unique and valid.

Q: I tried submitting my access request, but upon clicking submit I am getting an error “This role requires at least one EIN number”. What is going on?

Answer: Attempting to submit an access request without providing EIN information will produce the error “This role requires at least one EIN number”. Please ensure that role requests are accompanied with a valid, unique EIN.

Q: What does the link “View/Update profile do?

Answer: The link “View/Update Profile” redirects the user to the Profile Information page. On this page, the user can view/edit/update their profile information. All fields on this page are editable. Users can edit any of the fields and submit to save the information.

Q: How do I Log Out of SBA Connect?

Answer: The link to log out of SBA Connect can be found on the Top-Right section of the application. Clicking this link will Log Out of the application and redirect user to the SBA Connect Logged out page.

Q: Where would I find link(s) to approved applications?

Answer: The links to approved application can be found on the landing page application card. External users will need to submit access requests and wait for approval. Upon approval, these links should appear on the landing page application card.

Q: Where would I find links to SBA resources?

Answer: Links to SBA resources are in the footer navigation of SBA Connect. Please refer to the footer of the application to locate these links. These links are:

  • What we do.
  • SBA Performance.
  • Contact SBA.
  • SBA Team.
  • FOIA.
  • Privacy Policy.
  • Oversight & Advocacy.
  • SBA Newsroom.

Q: What are these social media links on SBA Connect?

Answer: SBA Connect has links to social media platforms that are located on the bottom-left section of the application. These links redirect the user to the Small Business Administration social media pages. Currently, the links connect to SBA resources on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

Q: I need help with SBA Connect, where do I start?

Answer: You can start by clicking the Question mark icon on the Top-right of the SBA Connect application. This will redirect you to the SBA Connect “Contact Us” page. Please provide the following information:

  • Full name.
  • Phone Number.
  • Email.
  • Subject of your help request.
  • Detailed message describing your issue/problem with SBA Connect.

Q: What is this Question Mark Icon on the Top-right of the application interface?

Answer: The Question mark icon on the Top-right of the application interface is the Help/FAQ icon that redirects the user to the “Contact Us” page.

Q: I walked away from my desk for a few minutes, Now I see the message “You are unauthorized to view this content, your session was logged out. Please Log back in” when I try to use SBA Connect. What is going on?

Q: What is a session timeout?

Answer: Session timeout represents the event occurring when a user does not perform any action on a web site during an interval (defined by the web server). The event, on server side, changes the status of the user session to “invalid” and instructs the web server to destroy it. For Security reasons, SBA Connect will automatically timeout the user session after 15 minutes of inactivity. If your session is timed out, you will have to repeat the authentication process to be able to use SBA Connect.

Q: How long can I be inactive while using SBA Connect before it ends my session?

Answer: SBA Connect application will time out after 15 minutes of inactivity.

Q: I am a new user, why don’t I see any hyperlinks to applications or funds on my landing page?

Answer: New Users must submit an access request to gain access to additional roles and EINs as required by their organization. Once this access request is approved, hyperlinks to approved funds should appear on your landing page application card. Internal SBA users should be able to see hyperlinks to approved applications on their landing page application card as defined by their role at the SBA.

Q: I tried submitting a support ticket, the system will not let me submit my request, what is going on?

Answer: All the fields on the support form are mandatory. Please ensure they are filled out. Attempting to submit the help request form with any field being empty will cause an error “Please fill out this field”.

Q: How long do I have to wait to hear a response about my support ticket?

Answer: SBA Connect support will respond to all support related queries on a first come first serve basis. You can expect your support ticket to be answered in a reasonably quick timeframe. (One or Two business days)

Q: How can I contact the Small Business Administration?

Answer: SBA Connect provides links to SBA resources on the application interface. Please click the link “Contact SBA” to be redirected to a support page that has details on all available options such as email, phone, General Inquiries, Disaster Support, Local Assistance, and Web support. You can contact the Small Business administration using your preferred method from a multitude of options.

Q: Does SBA have a presence on social media?

Answer: Yes, The Small Business Administration has a presence on all the major social media platforms. SBA Connect provides links to these SBA social media pages on the bottom-left of your screen.